Visiting Our Quarry

To help you find your way around when you visit, here is an introduction to our quarry...

Entering the Quarry

Thank you for visiting us. As you drive in to the quarry, this sign will be at the entrance. Keeping to the right, drive ahead to meet us at the office. Park by the roped area just past the office.

Mariash Quarry Office

From here we can direct you to the product areas, offer safety precautions and weigh in your vehicle if needed. Please leave pets at home or in your vehicle.

Rocky Road Gift Shop

Weigh your vehicle on the scale bridge before and after loading u-pick orders. Or stop by to see a selection of handcrafted items at the Rocky Road Gift Shop.

The Quarry Layout

Taken from the back of the quarry, this photo shows the school tour area to the left and  office to the right. The gift shop and scale are just left of the office.

U-Pick Area

Pick your own stone from unsorted piles in our u-pick area for our most affordable stone prices. Be sure to weigh in your vehicle before loading.

Pre-picked Stone Pile

Pre-picked piles allow you to choose from a sorted selection of stone. Convenient palletized stone is also available for some flat and building stone.

Crushing Stone

Mariash Quarry is a working quarry, so please be careful when visiting. Don't approach machinery.

Quarry Walls

Quarry walls may be unstable. Please do not approach walls, climb stone piles or enter roped off areas for your safety.

School Tour Area

Fossil tours are held by the school bus and tented area. Tour groups should meet Gloria at the office before proceeding to the tour area.