Due to the natural variations in stone, each order is unique. Sizes, coverage and quotes are estimates. Orders are billed on
the delivered weight at
the rate at time of shipment (plus any delivery/special lifting/transportation. Prices subject to change without notice. Minimum charges may apply. U-pick prices available for some products. Call for Contractor/Retailer quotes.

Retaining Wall Stone


Walls are the most popular stone landscaping project. A homeowner may build an accent wall a couple feet tall while a professional may build a retaining wall 20 feet high. Regardless of how big the job, Mariash Quarry has the stone suited to the project.

Stackable Retaining Wall Stone

Our wall stone adds an exquisite accent to your landscape. Whether used in a dry stack wall by fitting stones without mortar or used in a retaining wall to support natural elevations or create tiered yards, this rustic stone adds value to your project.

10", 12", 14" Thick

Random Size Blocks (as pulled): $90.00/ton
Dimensioned (sorted for thickness/18"depth/natural ends) : $120.00/ton
Split/Sawn: $360.00/ton 

16", 18", 20 +" Thick

Random Size Blocks (as pulled): $90.00/ton
Dimensioned (sorted for thickness/18"depth/natural ends) : $150.00/ton
Split/Sawn: $450.00/ton 










Oversized Stackable Blocks: 24-36" Thickness

Natural Blocks Only (Limited Supply) $120-$160.00/ton


Non-stackable Wall Stone

Irregular stone can be carefully placed and fitted to create natural stone walls with a less linear, brick-like appearance.

Sorted Sizes: From 12-60"

Irregular Chunks 12-36" $60.00-75.00/ton Irregular Chunks 36"+ $90.00-$112.50/ton


Split stone has a slightly more finished appearance than natural blocks and has been split (not saw cut) to the proper depth. Off-Cuts from splitting dimensioned stone have one split face with irregular depths and lengths.