Professional projects can be a great source of inspiration when planning a landscape design or other stone work. That's why we have included a selection of the work done by the professional landscapers, masons and builders we've supplied stone for. The companies highlighted are not affiliated with Mariash Quarry, but have been included to give you examples of various stone installations.


Professional Stone Installations

Here are a few things the pros are doing with our stone products...

Southwood Feature Stone Signs

Southwood Golf Course - Signs

Oversized Feature Stones were delivered to mark the entrance. Additional, smaller stones were selected for wayfinding signs around the course.

Gabions of Owen Sound Stone

Contempra Steel - Lakefront Restorers

Wiarton Brown Stone was selected for the gabions used as low walls contrasting with the natural boulders and plantings in the landscaping.

Livingstone Landscaping Stone Steps

Livingstone Landscaping - Steps

Stone steps are embedded in the wooded pathway, creating a maintenance-free, naturalized stairway that blends with the surroundings.

House with Mariash Purple Building Stone

Brandon, MB - Stiles Masonry

Mariash Quarry purple stone clads this Brandon home. The true stone creates a unique, lasting statement amid the cultured stone commonly used.

Sundance Landscaping - Retaining Walls

Sundance Landscaping - Stone Walls

Oversized stone creates dramatic retaining walls that match the scale of the house and double as seating around a firepit overlooking the water.

Sundance Landscaping Waterfall

Sundance Landscaping - Waterfall

Large retaining wall stone creates tiers of landscaping around this stone waterfall and pond installation by Sundance Landscaping.

Ewonchuk Stone Sign

Ewonchuck Wildlife Management Area

A large feature stone makes the perfect, natural  backdrop for a dedication plaque from Manitoba Conservation for the wildlife management area.

Sundance Landscaping Retaining Wall

Sundance Landscaping - Stone Walls

Retaining walls raise the level of the front yard of this home in a dry stack installation of medium retaining wall stone from Mariash Quarry.

Elzear-Goulet Park Stone

Elzear-Goulet Park - J&D Penner

An oversized feature stone is the highlight in this installation. Smaller accent stones flank curving walls which meld true, natural stone with cultured stone.

U of W Bus Shelter

University of Winnipeg - Bus Shelter

Designed by artist David Perret, this bus shelter features stone reclaimed from Wesley Hall supplemented by matching Mariash Quarry stone.

Sundance Landscaping Retaining Wall

Sage Creek - Timeless Masonry & Tile

Signs meld natural Mariash Quarry stone with cultured stone for a unique look. Stone boulders and retaining walls are features around the development.

Garden Wall Stone

Sundance Landscaping - Garden Walls

Large retaining wall stone is used one-stone-high to create low garden walls seperating outdoor dining and lawn areas in this landscape design.

Prairie Sky Waterfall Yard

Prairie Sky Landscaping - Backyard

Prairie Sky designed a unique sunken garden at the base of an existing waterfall of Mariash Quarry Stone, adding another level to this evolving yard design.